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Queer chai

Last minute post for the queer and queer-friendly readers out there. (If you are neither of those things, I’m happy for you to never come here again)

There is a super fun Queer XMAS Fayre being held today (Saturday December 13, 2014) inside the Royal Vauxhall Tavern and I think a lot of you would quite enjoy proceedings.

It is kind of like a huge jumble sale and craft show with handmade goods, secondhand clothes, art and more.

You can see the event website here and the Facebook event page here. The fayre runs between 1pm and 6pm today and organisers will be playing tunes to entertain the crowds.

994921_10151784732258393_686888250_nYou might be thinking how this relates to you as a vegan, right?

A brand new Hackney-based hot drinks endeavour is launching at the Queer XMAS Fayre. Happy Happy Chai Tea will be serving their specially brewed concoction, warming attendees on this chilly Saturday and impressing with their mixture of soya milk, black tea, herbs, spices and fresh ginger.

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See you there?

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