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Warm tofu salad

Many UK vegans are used to relying on chain restaurant Wagamama when they are out and about. With more than 100 locations around the country, it seems you are never too far from one of these pan-Asian outlets.

I have previously featured a brief post about the Wagamama chain in which Josh gave his opinion on the plant-based offerings. You can read that here or keep scrolling down this page to see the brand new vegan dish added to the menu.

The warm tofu chilli salad by Wagamama is incredibly tasty. It isn’t rocket science. No frills, just tofu and stir-fried vegetables flavoured well and served on baby gem lettuce.

The dish did have a bit of a kick, so be wary if you are sensitive to chilli.

The mix of vegetables was fabulous. The dish includes aubergines, red peppers, asparagus, mange tout, broccoli and red onion. The whole affair was topped with cashews.

Check it out below. Simple, yet tasty.

tofu saladYou can visit Wagamama online and use their dietary menu filter to see only vegan dishes.

You can follow Wagamama on Twitter and send them a tweet letting them know you want to see even more vegan food on the menu!

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  1. I love Wagamama, but they have broken my heart with the news that they have withdrawn the Yasai Itame from their menu. My favourite thing to eat in the ENTIRE WORLD. I do, however, appreciate that they cater well for Vegans, and look forward to eating other things there, this salad sounds tasty. Gutted, though.

    • Yasai Itame was my favourite Wagamama dish too and I was gutted when they removed it from the menu. 🙁

  2. i had this today! it was ok, not amazing but nice enough.

  3. Excellent!!! Is this a main dish, or more of a side? Also, some of their tofu used to not be suitable for vegans which put me off before as I had to rely on staff telling me what was vegan and what wasn’t.

    • It was listed as a main. Even though I have been a few times, I always ask the staff to talk me through the vegan options in case something has changed.

  4. I love this dish and have eaten it before assuming it was vegan but when on the wagamma site using dietary filters it comes up as vegetarian but not vegan. Noooooooo!!!!! Well I guess in the future will just have to ask in the restaurant. If it’s true that their tofu is sometimes not vegan, big let down from Waggas!!!

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