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More vegan groceries

Are you ready for photographic evidence of another one of my thorough supermarket expeditions?

A few nights back, Josh and I visited the mammoth Tesco Extra in Colney Hatch (North London) and returned home with some fun and tasty vegan products.

See proof below.




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  1. My local tesco (Swaffham) has viotros violife cheese slices which I really like, and I’m not usually a big fan of vegan cheese.

  2. Our local big tesco does vegan squirty cream, pudology bannoffee pies, chocolate mousses and violife. Tis good days to be a vegan gourmand! I have those bean bakes planned for my dins tomorrow, 5 meals alway and I’m already excited 😉

  3. I’m not sure that Original Source is cruelty free despite being vegan. It doesn’t have a leaping bunny.

  4. Hi, sorry if you already know about this but Ocado has a really good vegan range, you can even search “vegan” and it will come up with a list of stuff (it doesn’t include everything that’s vegan though so you still have to hunt through virtual aisles). They do half price Frys quite often which keeps me going back. 🙂

  5. lots of delicious groceries there:) especially love the chocolate almond milk!

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