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Plant milk

My partner Josh just posted this photo from his workplace that highlights the explosion in popularity of plant-based milks.

10402775_10152588904638751_8087180804920234631_nJosh took this photo in his staff kitchen this morning and I thought it was fabulous. I really wanted it to share it with you all.

I see the photo as a signpost for how far we have come in our struggle to educate people about dairy alternatives and in turn, help improve outcomes for animals.

This is just one small staff office in one part of London. Imagine the huge number of milk drinkers who have switched to plant-based milks over the last few years all over the UK. It is overwhelming to think of the positive impact this is having as it lessens the demand for cruel dairy.

Let’s celebrate plant-based milks!

If you have people in your workplace considering ditching dairy, share this link with them. It is an excellent resource site created by Viva! Campaigns to assist people in removing dairy milk from their diet.

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