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Sweet as

I have discovered a product that I can’t live without. How did I make it this far in life without it?

This mix of chilli, sugar, salt and hibiscus is some sort of magic concoction to which I can’t say no.

Check it out.

1409849223_290_335The photo above shows the Sweet Hibiscus Margarita Rim mix by Cool Chile Co.

This irresistible mix of sweet and spicy ingredients is designed to rim a glass of ice cold margarita. You take a glass, moisten the rim with water or lime juice and then dip into the mixture. It is fabulous. Check out the photo of my homemade margarita below.

I spent more time licking the hibiscus mixture than I did sipping the liquid.

After a few margaritas, I had a bright idea. If this stuff is so delicious, surely I can stick it on anything to improve the flavour. Right?

I pulled a tub of boring vegan vanilla ice cream from the freezer and created FGV history. I cannot express how delicious this combination was. I was strutting around acting like a hero.

My future plans for this mixture include stirring it through partially-defrosted ice cream and refreezing to create hibiscus/chilli swirl, flavouring freshly cooked popcorn and using as an over-the-top sprinkle on BBQ pulled jackfruit.

You can buy your own tin of this fab product from the Cool Chile Co. and if you hurry, you can use their special Day of the Dead online discount code. The word BONES will get you 10% off all your orders up until November 30, 2014. Full details can be found on the Cool Chile Co. website. Click here.

You can buy all your other Mexican ingredients supplies while you are over there for your own Day of the Dead party. The company has everything you need including tortillas, epazote, chiles, bean kits and more.

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