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Do you like the idea of camping in an exclusively vegan environment? If you answered yes, you are in for one heck of a treat.

I have just found out this information about a vegan camp that takes place every year in the UK. How wonderful.

I absolutely love to see community driven events such as this for vegans and their families. It builds social capital and works to strengthen vegan commitment. Plus, it sounds like a lot of fun.

Here are some details from the organisers:

Vegan Camp is a friendly and enjoyable annual social gathering for singles, couples and families.

Each year we choose a new location with people coming to stay from day visits to the full two weeks.

This year, the location is Mersea Island in Essex. It’s from the 20th July to the 3rd August 2015. All welcome – any period of stay.

Most stay at the site itself but some stay in luxury holiday dwellings on site or in nearby accommodation such as hotels, guesthouses or hostels and visit during the day.

We usually have between 60 and 130 people come to stay over the 2 week period, including many new faces and some of us who have been coming for 10 years or more.

We often have communal meals (sometimes with a talent show), sing songs, camp fires (if allowed) and just general lounge-abouts. We enjoy going on outings to the beach, walks in the countryside, having picnics, and visiting local places of interest.

We are a diverse group with ages from babies up to those in their 70’s, singles, couples and families.

Some people come every year and some come when we are in their area. What is consistent is the friendly, helpful and fun atmosphere, which you will find at these camps.

We are able to draw on the many talents and enthusiasm of some of those attending to put on events which in the past has included such things as circus skills workshops, first aid lessons, raw and wild food workshops, rock climbing, surfing, orienteering, meditation, talent shows, yoga etc: we would always welcome new skills or offers and suggestions.

We have many children attending each year and it is an ideal time for them to meet other vegan children and to see that they are not the odd one out. Children and adults form many friendships at the camp.

Are you interested?

Bookmark the event website so you can check when booking for the 2015 camp goes live.

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