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Music for animals

Music is a big part of my life and a somewhat pivotal part of this blog. I even have a blog post category called Music get the best of me in order to catalogue all posts with a musical twist.

These posts are usually related to musical artists I have been listening to who just so happen to have a connection to improving outcomes for non-human animals.

This post is going one better.

I want to introduce you to a marvellous collection of songs all about protecting animals. The range of artists is diverse (to say the least) and includes The Smiths, Prince, The Style Council, Dead Prez, X-ray Spex and more. The songs have been compiled by the super talented (and compassionate) DJ Luminous who describes the collections as follows:

All tracks/songs have a ‘vegan’ lyric or sensibility. It took me ages to research and compile and is a real labour of love.

Listen above, click here for the full list of songs and artists included and then click through to this additional compilation by DJ Luminous, this time featuring a collection of songs from artists who have spoken publicly about being vegan.

Go vegan. Stay vegan. Listen to vegan music.

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