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Sweets in a tub

Goody Good Stuff have been cranking out vegan sweets for a while now, so of course I know and love them well. But how about these brand new tubs for Christmas? Pretty sweet, huh?

I saw this fabulous company at the recent VegfestUK show in London Olympia and they were keen for me to try the new 400g tubs of Xmas Trees & Baubles Gummy Sweets and the Sugar Plum varieties. Would be rude for an FGV to turn something like that down.

This isn’t a wordy review as I’m struggling to expand on what you already know. A jumbo tub of vegan gummy sweets is one of the best things ever. Two tubs tips you into freakout mode. So much yum!

Lots of love to the GGS team for being at the forefront of the vegan gummy sweet revolution.

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  1. I really do like your enthusiasm.

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