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Raw vegan in Chelsea

It could come as a surprise to many readers, but I very much enjoy quality raw vegan food. I’m not just talking about the fruit salad I force myself to eat every now and then but well-executed raw cuisine. I’m pleased to say I have found a provider of such food in London.

Read on.

A few nights ago, Josh and I were slinking around the back streets of Chelsea when we chanced upon a new restaurant we had both heard about via social media. Tanya’s, just over a month old, is not exactly easy to find as it is nestled inside a boutique hotel situated 10 minutes on foot from Sloane Square.

The hotel housing Tanya’s (like the restaurant itself) looks rather posh, perhaps even a touch formidable. We both felt a little underdressed for the occasion but were treated with nothing but prompt and friendly service. The decor was fresh, smart and incredibly tasteful. It actually didn’t feel like London and when we were seated on the gorgeous patio, we felt as though we had been transported to the French Riviera.

The high prices on the menu were a bit of a surprise but by the end of the meal we felt we had received excellent value for money. We chose from the smaller evening menu and both agreed we would be heading back as soon as possible to try some of the expanded daytime offerings.

I started off proceedings by diving into a gorgeous margarita made with mezcal, agave nectar, limes and Himalayan salt while Josh sipped on a cold-pressed hazelnut milk infused with cocoa and sweetened with dates.

margarita milkOur food choices were sourced from a tapas-style menu and at first we weren’t sure what to expect. Our uncertainty gave way to joy as we started snacking on our raw selection.

First up was a bowl of curried coconut jerky. This stuff blew me away and was one of the finest raw dishes I have ever tasted. We followed this delicacy with pesto stuffed mushrooms and the flavours proved to be just as satisfying.

Our final sharing snack was matched in taste by presentation. The gorgeous veggie chews with raw ketchup were spectacular enough to make me consider buying my own food dehydrator. We lovingly scooped up every irresistible morsel from the stylishly presented platter.

coconut jerky marinated raw mushrooms vegan raw vegetables chipsWe finished our meal by each choosing a raw chocolate from the display case at the front of the restaurant.

I know a lot of people will complain about the prices at Tanya’s and that is understandable. Money is hard to come by and a fancy dining experience is a luxury that most people can’t put above other needs and responsibilities. However, as far as dining out in a swanky restaurant in the most expensive neighbourhood in the UK goes I honestly feel the exquisitely crafted food was worth what I paid.

You can follow Tanya’s on Twitter

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You can visit Tanya’s online

Please note that Tanya’s is an almost completely vegan restaurant. The menu includes one or two items featuring bee pollen and raw honey, but everything can be made vegan on request.

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  1. Glad to hear about this as SAF was such a sad loss

  2. Excellent, sounds lovely, can’t wait to go there! Thanks for posting this! 🙂

  3. Yes, upscale dining is not affordable for all; that’s why I win gift certificates and gift cards. But unfortunately, the vegan restaurants don’t tend to have such giveaways.

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