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I have been invited to contribute to a discussion at the Specialty and Fine Food Fair taking place at London Olympia on September 7-9, 2014.

Here are the quick facts you need:

The talk will be headed up by Sally-Jayne Wright, a leading food writer and publicist. During her presentation on September 8, Sally will cover:

  • why a Twitter campaign isn’t so different from traditional advertising
  • the advantages of Twitter over a blog
  • how to use hashtags
  • how to schedule your tweets
  • how to use your Twitter time more effectively
  • the power of pictures …and more

I will be joining Sally on stage and adding a little bit of insight of my own. It is going to be a relaxed and informative event and I can’t wait to hear some of the questions asked by attendees.

Find out more about the talk here

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  1. Ah that’s really cool! I’m going on the 6th though =/

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