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Dry shampoo you

What the hell is dry shampoo?

I was sniffing around my local Superdrug store (which we all know is a hotbed of cruelty-free personal care items, even for travellers) when I saw a large display for a product called dry shampoo.

dry shampoo

Can somebody please explain what or why this exists? I have a vague idea that it turns greasy hair dry via the application of flammable ingredients. Is that correct?

The only thing I can tell you about the dry shampoo available in Superdrug is that it is vegan and that it clearly states this on every can. If I was in the market for dry shampoo, I know where I would be heading.

Now to decide between the Cherry and the Tropical.

vegan symbol



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  1. its something a lot of elderly people used to buy (when I worked in a pharmacy). For those that struggle to wash their hair due to illness, injury etc its a goodun to make you look less mingin haha.

  2. Very handy for camping, festivals, walks of shame etc

  3. Tropical! It smells like coconut and will make you not wash your hair just so you can use it.

  4. Superdrug’s ‘own brand’ dry shampoo is also vegan. I usually use the Lush No Drought powder though as I’m not keen on aerosols.

    • I use no drought to for the same reason. It last for ages!

  5. When I was a teenager reading a lot of novels about teen girls with cancer, I seem to remember dry shampoo as something you could use while in a hospital bed to make you feel slightly less icky from having been stuck in a hospital bed.

  6. Amazing! I didn’t know it was vegan! – I used to use it to add voume, instead of back combing my hair, or adding hair products that have been tested on animals.

  7. if you have oily hair and you are lazy/busy to wash it in the tradicional way, you apply this dry shampoo to look clean!

  8. Ahhh, a staple of my teenage years!

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