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I don’t mind paying people to cook for me, but the truth is my partner Josh and I do a mighty fine job of keeping the vegan food on the table ourselves.

Josh is more of a main meal creator whereas I love snacks such as decadent toasted sandwiches. Just like Hannah Montana, it’s the best of both worlds.

Below are a few photos detailing some of the delights that have been crafted in our kitchen over the last two weeks or so. I have added a ‘Josh’ or ‘FGV’ after each photo description to let you know which fat, gay vegan made the meal.

Once you have scrolled through all the photos, for a bit of fun vote in the comments by stating whose food you would rather sit down to every night. FGV or Josh?

Three cheese vegan pizza with MozzaRisella, Vegusto and VioLife on a Venice Bakery base. The red stuff is vegan pesto by Mr Organic. Josh

Amazing vegan sandwich: cheese, roast turkey, gherkins and mustard. FGV

Burger and curly fries. Josh

Spaghetti al pesto with garlic bread. Josh

GIANT vegan nachos. Obscene. Topped with guacamole, mac & cheese, salted chicken, melted cheese, tomatillo salsa and fried red onion. FGV

Red lentil dhal packed with garlic, leek, red pepper & cabbage served over brown rice. Josh

Toasted bagel, Amy’s Kitchen burger, vegan cheese and mustard. FGV

Super stacked toasted vegan sandwiches with leftover roast potato and salted cabbage. FGV

Lettuce topped with warm noodle salad featuring beef-style strips. Josh

Who is the vegan food champion of my house? Vote below!

All photos originally appeared on my Instagram account. You can see it here.

You can vote for me as Best Vegan Blogger in the VegFestUK Awards here.

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  1. is everything you eat beige?
    Sorry but it all looks rank to me. Eat some vegetables.

    • No, my food isn’t always beige. Sometimes it is light brown, taupe, camel, sepia, umber, tawny or sand.

  2. Ah, social media. Allows us all to connect directly with rude strangers from the comfort of our own homes.

    I vote Josh but it’s a close call – you are clearly a snackspert of high calibre!!

  3. I’m going to vote FGV here as I’m into my snacky meals too 😉

  4. Sorry, I’m going with Josh, all about the mains for me. Although I have to say the sandwich looks really good!

  5. The food made by the two of you looks equally mouthwatering. How can I possibly choose?

  6. Very close call but I’m going with Josh’s food. Sorry! But would be happy to take a taste test to double-check…

  7. I’d say it’s a tie but the nachos push FGV over the top. But I’d gladly spend some alone time with everything on display.

  8. Decadence wins: FGV all the way.

  9. Sorry I couldn’t choose as it all looks delicious.

  10. I have to say Josh (sorry gorgeous!) but that whole photo album made me wet! 😛

  11. Sorry Sean, it’s Josh’s all the way and will always be ever since he fed me his crispy polenta bites!

  12. Josh 🙂

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