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Brewery love

As you know, London Vegan Beer Fest is just one week away.

To celebrate, I have added information below detailing all participating breweries. If you love beer as much as I do, you are in for one hell of a treat.

We are down to our final 50 tickets, so book now if you want to secure guaranteed entry.

Now, brewery time.



Brass Castle Brewery has recently moved to a new brewhouse in the centre of Malton, Yorkshire’s food capital. A growing range of exciting cask, keg and bottled beers are all suitable for vegans and all are better beers for it. Vegan head brewer Phil wouldn’t have it any other way.


Pitfield Brewery will once again be bringing its award winning range of organic vegan beers to London Vegan Beer Fest. They will have old favourites like Eco Warrior, London Porter and the 1837 IPA, as well as some new non-organic beers brewed under the Dominion Brewery name. All beers are 100% vegan, of course. Pitfield head brewer Andy hopes you like them as much as he does. Come and see them in their big blue beer tent out on the lawn.


Hastings Brewery have been producing vegan-friendly real ales and craft beers since 2010. None of their beers contain animal products and they proudly state they never will. Even their cask ales are unfined.

Since appearing at last year’s London Vegan Beer Fest, they’ve expanded their production beyond traditional real ales, like the multiple award-winning Hastings Porter and Hastings Blonde.

The ever-growing Hastings Handmade range of beers are modern and hop-forward, taking inspiration from the burgeoning craft beer scene. Single-hopped Pale Ales, US-hopped American Pale Ales, Black IPAs and India Brown Ales are the order of the day.

London Vegan Beer Fest attendees will be able to buy pints (from cask & keg) and bottles of their totally vegan-friendly beer.


In autumn 2011, Moncada Brewery was launched with the aim of creating outstanding traditionally crafted ales using only the finest raw ingredients sourced locally as much as possible. Brewed in West London, Moncada varieties include Blonde, Bitter, Amber, Summer, Porter, Ruby Rye and the newest addition Stout.

Sold in bottles and casks in pubs around London, you can also find Moncada in local bars, shops, delis and restaurants. All Moncada beers are suitable for vegans.


Clarkshaws is a small independent microbrewery established in 2013 in East Dulwich. Their beers are created with a subtle blend of innovation, hard work, and the finest ingredients mixed with a dash of whimsy and serendipity, resulting in contemporary takes on classic British beer styles.

They use only ingredients sourced from the UK, supporting local producers and reducing the ‘beer miles’ of all their products.

The Clarkshaws process has always been designed to be vegan friendly and they are London’s first micro to produce all Vegetarian Society accredited products, available in cask as well as bottle.


London Vegan Beer Fest welcomes dining event experts Asparagasm as they exclusively premier their first ever craft beer.

This crisp, fruity and aromatic vegan-method pale ale is brewed with organic Chinook and Nelson Sauvin hops and Maris Otter Barley. Recently created and brewed for the first time in June 2014 in partnership with Stroud Brewery, Asparagasm pale ale will also be available at Asparagasm vegan dining events and via Stroud Brewery. Stroud is an award-winning craft brewery producing premium beers using high quality ingredients and Cotswold grown malting barley.


Jolly Good Beer is a Cambridge based distributor specialising in progressive, flavourful beers from small breweries.

Vegan-friendly unfined beers form an important part of the Jolly Good Beer line-up. All beer from some breweries they work with, such as Moor and Bexar, is vegan-friendly, and many other breweries provide unfined beers on request.

Jolly Good believe vegan drinkers need not compromise on flavour. A lot of the motivation behind the unfined movement is about making beer that simply tastes better. Jolly Good Beer believes great beer should be accessible to all – that is why they are here!

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