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Breakfast can’t wait

A rapid post to hip you to a fun breakfast I recently enjoyed.

Following on from a quick trip to Chatsworth Road Market to buy vegan cake (see here), Josh and I were of course still hungry. What’s the nearest vegan food provider to the market? Black Cat Cafe!

The all day breakfast caught my eye and I’m glad it did. It was tasty and filling. My only concern is that is should come with syrup or a mushroom gravy of some kind. Is adding syrup to a savoury breakfast really that odd here in the UK?

black cat breakfast

Do you like the look of this breakfast? Have you tried it? What did you think?

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  1. We used to have some people who put gravy on breakfast. Not sure what happened to them. I think we sent them to a penal colony on the other side of the world.

    • Gravy on your breakfast – only in the US of A. Not Australia. Cafe breaskfasts in Oz are innovative and amoung the best in the world. Even the bangers come hi-qual.

  2. The Black Cat Cafe breakfast is my favourite – the pancakes are delicious!

  3. I really hope they read this post and offer gravy! London breakfasts need more gravy in general. Wish that would catch on over here. Decent vegan brunch/breakfast is definitely what I miss most about The States.

  4. Reminds me quite a lot of Pogo Cafe’s breakfast when I had it there once or twice.

  5. Normally that’s what the beans are for, nice bit of sauce! However, they do look a little dry so understand why you were looking for some moisture.

    Do what to visit Black Cat sometime, good rep.

  6. Thanks for the review! Just to let you know, we totally do have maple syrup! It’s usually situated on our condiments table, but of course, sometimes other customers are using it. Sorry you didn’t get any!

  7. I’ve had that breakfast at Black Cat and agree, syrup would be perfect with it. Love pancakes with a fry-up. I liked the meal, but must admit, I make better scrambled tofu. :p

  8. Megagagagagagagaga good brekkie!!!!! Needs toast though – which can be ordered anyway. Black Cat is such a wonderful place. I’ve been vegan 24 years love the Pumpkins – Pogo – Black Cat magic corner. X x x

  9. They do supply maple syrup, olive oil and loads of sauces too. English mustard would be goooood or mashed garlic. X x x

  10. I love their beans.

  11. I love the Black Cat fry up! I only wish they did it every day rather than just on the weekend.

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