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MAJOR vegan update for Quorn – available in UK from October 2015click here to read more

I find out a lot of information over on Facebook.

Last week Robb posted about Rekorderlig cider not being vegan which led to this post. Wayne is always sharing with me news of vegan food, including the glorious sandwich market stall Killer Tomato. Today I woke to a post on my wall from Sammy all about a tasting session for new vegan Quorn products. That’s right, Quorn are finally rolling out some plant-based options in the UK.

There has been talk for a while of a vegan burger made by the company, but enquiries were always met with a response of ‘no plans as of now to sell it in the UK’.

If you can be in Southampton on Saturday June 21, 2014 and you want to be one of the first people in the UK to try new vegan options from Quorn, it seems you could possibly even be paid for your opinions.

Follow this link to read all about it on the Rice Up Wholefoods website. The link includes details on how to register for the tasting.

If you do go, please pop on over to my Facebook page after the event and tell me all about it. I am so curious!

UPDATE – since posting the above info, I have received a few comments from people suggesting I should not give any exposure to Quorn or it’s parent company Premier Foods. Premier Foods is a huge business that also owns the Cauldron brand (amongst many, many more). It reportedly generated over £800 million revenue last year.

Please comment below with any concerns you have about the ethical concerns associated with buying from such a huge company/a company that makes huge amounts of profit from selling animal products.

ANOTHER UPDATE – As pointed out by a passionate commentator below, Quorn is no longer owned by Premier Foods. It was acquired by Montagu Private Equity. You can view the portfolio of this organisation by clicking here.


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  1. 1.Quorn has not been owned by Premier Foods since 2011, it was sold to private equity
    2. The commercial reality is unfortunately that many many vegan products will not get developed/distributed/on to the supermarket shelves unless backed by big businesses that also stock/manufacture non-vegan products. Until we get a critical mass of vegans who all put their money where their mouths are and support exclusively vegan businesses and brands and support their crowdfunding efforts if they are trying to expand their businesses this is unlikely to change.
    3. Under that logic we should not give exposure to buy Tesco’s/Sainsbury’s free-from products (both huge companies with turnovers of £60+ billion and £24 billion plus respectively), shop in Superdrug, Boots, Holland & Barret, Wholefoods etc all companies that sell/stock/manufacture non-vegan products and food.

  2. You might want to amend the amount of revenue, Sean. £800 doesn’t sound all that worrying to me. 🙂

  3. ^ Or….how do we get said retailers to stock these vegan suppliers?

    • food companies usually pay supermarkets to get on the shelves….

      • ….so buy lots of their products, so they have the money to get on to the supermarket shelves ;-))

  4. Quorn are twats, I cannot understand why they haven’t made their products vegan before – why would you have a vegetarian range that wasn’t vegan??? Hello, McFly????

  5. It seems that Quorn have had a vegan burger in the US since June 2012. http://www.quorn.us/nouvelles/going-vegan/
    …they state “The burger is part of Quorn™ Foods’ effort to reduce its use of eggs in order to prevent cruelty to laying hens. The animal protection group, Compassion Over Killing, praises the brand’s decision as “compassionate and socially responsible.” Their compassion seems to run a little thin this side of the pond.

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