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Everybody comes to Hollywood

Apologies to my loyal non-Californian readers who have been suffering through post after post about vegan food well out of their reach. Maybe you can think of it as the motivation you need to scrape some savings together and get away on holiday. Make Southern California your next vacation destination.

So really, these tempting posts of decadent dishes are a public service. My civil duty to inspire the plant-inclined people of the world to broaden their horizons.

To carry on in this completely selfless fashion, let me tell you what you are missing by not eating at Doomie’s Home Cookin’ in Hollywood.

Doomie’s is the FGV version of heaven. Vegan pulled pork sandwich served with mac and cheese? Check. Cocktails and cold beer? Check. Decadent vegan desserts and sweet treats? Double check.

If I lived in Hollywood, I would most certainly develop an unhealthy emotional relationship with this meat free restaurant. Their menu is what you would show someone wanting to understand the term comfort food.

The only thing that I can’t approve of is the fact Doomie’s offer cow-derived cheese on request. Their food is so utterly delicious and out of this world, offering dairy seems such an unnecessary concession. I can’t imagine that any diner would feel short changed by eating the vegan versions. It is all staggeringly good.

Check out my meal photos below, including the bonus photo of the jumbo vegan burger Doomie’s served me during the Los Angeles Vegan Beer Festival.

Follow Doomie’s on TwitterBook a plane ticket. SoCal is where it’s at.

Strip mall seduction

Strip mall seduction

The awning says it all

The awning says it all

BBQ buffalo wings & a tequila sunrise

BBQ buffalo wings with ranch dipping & a tequila sunrise

BBQ pulled pork sandwich with fries and mac and cheese

BBQ pulled pork sandwich,fries and mac & cheese

Stunning Crème brûlée

Stunning creme brulee

The vegan version of a Bic Mac

The vegan version of a Bic Mac

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  1. I never would have thought it, but that burger has truly made me salivate. Time to save up indeed!

  2. SEX! 🙂

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