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Vegan knowledge is power

How’s this for a UK first? You can book a tour of the giant Whole Foods Market store on Kensington High Street and you will be led around the complex for approximately an hour by their in-house Healthy Eating Specialist.

Oh, did I forget to mention that the specialist is a super friendly vegan named Maura? How cool is that?

Maura is in charge of all the cooking demos and food education that take place in the Kensington store. As a vegan, she makes sure plant based eating is front and centre of everything she does.

I recently booked a tour with Maura and was impressed by how she was able to personalise the experience for me. She really explored the vegan options available for me based around my love of quick meals and snacks (and maybe some beer). Maura pointed out products that matched my love of food and she often referred to my ethical choices. I didn’t feel like my health was being questioned and the nutrition information was pitched just right. I was interested in everything she showed me.

That’s not to say that she wouldn’t be able to cater for the health-conscious vegans out there. Maura explained how she loves to talk with store visitors about making the most out of the bulk section, vegan food nutrition, cooking vegan food from scratch and how she can even email you follow up recipes based on ingredients you discuss with her in store.

Maura of Whole Foods Market

Maura of Whole Foods Market

It really is a fantastic experience being taken around such a huge supermarket by a vegan food specialist. There is no pushing animal products. Maura is completely relaxed and helpful. The tour is flexible enough to feel inclusive for long term and new vegans alike.

The tour costs nothing and there is no pressure to buy anything at the end.

Maura of course welcomes non-vegans to tour the store with her. It is such a great way for people teetering on the edge of veganism to get a helping hand. This would be a perfect blog post to pass on to those people in your life who you know could be comfortable with vegan food if they just had a little more information.

Maura is definitely the person with that info.

Email Kensington@wholefoodsmarket.com if you are keen on taking the tour with Maura.

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  1. That’s fantastic!!! Does she go to vegan drinks?? 😉

    • Unfortunately I’m always working! Am going to try to stop by next month though to say hello! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the lovely post Sean! Can’t wait for the next potluck. I definitely want to come!

  3. Amazing!!!! Must book in.

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