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Thai for best

Wow. It is over. My mammoth month-long Friday night supper club event known as Around the World with FGV has come to an end.

What a food adventure!

We started with the gorgeously plated Caribbean cuisine of Vegan Peasant, moved on to the hearty Brazilian fare of Essential Vegan, were in awe of the technical skills of The Vegan Ronin during the Japanese dinner and finished up with the mouth watering delights of Thai street food made by The Messy Vegetarian Cook. 

Kip of The Messy Vegetarian Cook had a tough act to follow being the last of four world class food designers, but of course she pulled out all the stops for a decadent Thai meal that had everyone asking for more.

Check out the photos below to see the stunning line up of Thai delights and make sure you follow Kip on Twitter to see what she has planned next or to book her services.


Starters – Miang Takrai (bite sized citrussy lemongrass parcels of minced coriander, aromatic mint, toasted sesame and fresh coconut, served with a tangy sweet dressing in wild pepper leaves) and Laab Hed Tao Hoo (cooked salad of spicy sour minced tofu and mushroom dressed with fresh herbs and lime)



Main – Kanom Jeen (coils of thin noodles served with two choices of coconut based sauce: nam ya (thick and spicy) and/or nam prik (rich and sweet), accompanied by an array of side dishes including fresh Thai herbs, vegetables, and condiments)

sticky rice


milk balls

Desserts – Floating Lotus/Bua Loi (sticky rice balls in warm pandan infused sweet coconut milk and sticky rice with caramelised freshly grated coconut)

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  1. I want to travel with you. xo

  2. This was an absolute taste sensation! Kip’s menu was full of superb flavours and textures, some reassuring and familiar, some completely unexpected. Her ability to bring authentic Thai vegan cooking to West London resulted in a true culinary treat. I will do whatever I can to eat her food again as soon as possible. In fact I long for the day when the Messy Vegetarian Cook has a restaurant, as I will be eating there non-stop (http://www.messyvegetariancook.com/)!

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