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I am writing this post just half a day away from the final Friday night of my month-long Around the World with FGV series. Tonight my guests will be marvelling at Thai street food creations, but before we look forward we need to look back.

Following is a selection of photos from the vegan Japanese dinner crafted by Jhenn of The Vegan Ronin. Talk about handcrafted with love! Jhenn put just as much attention into the wonderful background stories she told for each dish as she did for making the food. It was highly entertaining and informative.

Follow Jhenn on Twitter to keep track of her diverse range of food events and do yourself a massive favour by buying some of her home made seitan. It’s lovely.

OK. Get looking at good food below.

 Gomadofu (a savoury sesame dish)

 Buddhist “eel”, sweet konnyaku dengaku, grilled daikon, shiso tempura, kombu roll, koyadofu and carrot

 Miso soup, steamed rice and tsukemono (pickles)

 Ohagi with melon

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