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Make your own

I spotted this in my local Whole Foods Market and I took a few quick photos to share with you all on here. I am hoping someone can tell me if they have used these vegan chocolate making kits and, if they have, if they will tell me about the experience.

All of the ingredients are certified by the Soil Association and the box even has a claim that all ingredients have been tested to be free of dairy, gluten and soya. I really want to try this kit but someone needs to convince me. Is it worth the money?

The Choc Chick brand has the smaller box targeted at young people and a larger, more expensive pack for adults. They even sell individual top up packs of the ingredients. You can see them in the shots below. The kits look like they would be a fun gift for someone special. I love the fact they use Sweet Freedom as the sugar component.

Help! Should I try these?

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  1. I’ve used one! Not this particular brand, but another one. The chocolate was good and making it was fun if a bit anticlimactic, but I was given it as a gift and I wouldn’t spend the money on it for myself; I’d rather bulk-buy the ingredients and take it from there if I were to make my own chocolate, as the money mainly goes towards the packaging. It’s a fun gift though!

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