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Cool as coconut ice

Hands up if you have been waiting your entire vegan career for mail order fudge and coconut ice. You can’t tell but I paused between typing sentences to throw my chubby, queer hands into the air in exultation.

Coconut Rose Bakery recently got in touch with me to ask if I wanted to review some of their mail order vegan sweets. Me? Why on Earth did they think of little ol’ me?

Based in Preston, Coconut Rose Bakery is a small, home-operated vegan baked goods company that will ship what you want right to your door. They specialise in fudge, coconut ice, cupcakes and treats for special occasions.

The photo below shows my delivery of Orange Fudge and Violet Coconut Ice. Both were delicious and left me wanting to explore the other flavours, especially the fudge. Knowing these people can deliver vegan fudge to my front door is dangerous information.

My vegan treats

My vegan treats

Thanks to Coconut Rose Bakery for my delights. I thoroughly enjoyed them and I hope lots of fans of handcrafted, vegan sweets get in touch to place an order.

FGV approved.

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  1. Is it creamy/chewy fudge or crumbly fudge? The violet coconut ice sounds amazing!

    Sweet vegan did several flavours of stunning crumbly fudge not long after they first began, such a shame they stopped making it, no idea why.

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