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No horsing around

Horsemeat fever has taken over the UK as major retailer Tesco became embroiled in a scandal concerning their beef burgers.

If you feel like being disgusted on multiple levels, check out some of the news stories and exposés surrounding this topic. It is truly disgusting. Horses and pigs rendered into powder before being added to beef burgers. Revelations that beef burgers only need to contain slightly less than 50% beef to be legally named a beef burger. Approximately ten thousand live horses are shipped out of the UK every year once they are at the end of their working lives, destined to be chopped, pulverised and rendered into ‘food’.

The horror goes on and on and on.

Thankfully for people who choose to opt out of this death and despair cycle, vegan companies such as The Redwood Wholefood Company are here to make sure tasty treats are never off the menu just because someone rejects horrific cruelty.

My life got a whole lot tastier a few days ago when I picked up the new frozen beef style pasties by Redwood from a local retailer. I must admit, lately I have been a bit skeptical of the consistency of Redwood products. For every four products I adore, there seems to be a straggler that comes along that doesn’t do them any favours. I won’t name names as I’m not here today to criticise. It’s a big food love in.

Frozen beef style pasties

Frozen beef style pasties

However, the beef style pasties are vegan food perfection. Crunchy, flaky pastry gives way to a stunning filling consisting of beef style chunks, herbs, gravy, swede and potato. I was delirious with joy. I haven’t had a pastie in a very long time and certainly can’t recall ever experiencing one as tasty as the Redwood variety.

Golden & delicious

Golden & delicious

Tasty vegan filling

Tasty vegan filling

I would like to congratulate Redwood on this product that is an instant vegan classic. Although I find a handful of their products hit and miss, Redwood‘s new pastie is certainly within their top five finest achievements of all time.

Right. Off to the shops for more!

Read about my other Redwood love affair here

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. I did not know they had released them, I must try them now

  2. They look amazing!

  3. Not seen these – they look great.

  4. Hey man, the pasties rock – the staple (not stable!) diet for the surfing vegan.

    As for horse meat, what makes this even worse is that horse slaughter is more often than not, at the worst possible slaughter houses. I know it makes no sense, because all slaughter houses are vile. But, there is a body that (is supposed to) inspect and maintain a standard. Horse meat, is not for human consumption so doesn’t even get this (false) dignity. Horse breeders, especially for racing, churn out hundreds of these beautiful animals, and the vast majority that don’t make the standard are strung up and killed, often without being stunned. But, this case does point out what we have been campaigning for for so long. Meat is a business. There is supposed to me strict control, especially with mad cow/CJD… and horse meat is in burgers? It shows they do not know the origin of the meat, even the species. Horses, the industry, horse racing is up there with the worst examples as to how cruel humans can be. I have 2 horses I have bought from meat markets.

  5. Try the wheatmeal vegetable pasty from West Cornwall Pasty Company if you want a vegan pasty at a train station!

  6. Have you tried the Wheatmeal Vegetable Pasty from West Cornwall Pasty Company? Good if you want a vegan pasty at a train station!

  7. I like the chicken tikka style pieces.

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