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Feel my temperature rising

Are you in the mood to look at delicious, cruelty-free food that is too good to be true? Excellent. You will not be disappointed.

Superstar vegan food producer Redwood Wholefood Company are very seldom matched for quality, range and taste. Their extensive selection of compassionate foodstuff includes deli slices, breaded vegan cheese, bacon rashers, burgers, faux chicken pieces and flavoured desserts. This brief product rundown is not even close to exhaustive… I could go on and on.

One of my favourite items in the Redwood repertoire is definitely the Celebration Roast. This superb selection of vegan meats is the stuff of FGV dreams. Slices of imitation turkey are nestled beside four sausages wrapped in bacon. It is neatly vacuumed sealed and all you need to do is slice the plastic seal open, wrap the goods in foil and pop it in the oven.

Redwood Celebration Roast

Getting ready to bake

The roast is accompanied by a sachet of the Redwood vegan gravy that tops the whole affair perfectly. Check out the photographic evidence of the mind-blowing meal we enjoyed in my neck of the woods this week.

Vegan roast dinner done right

The Redwood vegan meats were joined by shredded Brussels sprouts cooked with sliced mushroom and wholegrain mustard, wilted spinach with garlic, crispy potato and sweet potato, garlic and herb stuffing balls and a dish of scrumptious gravy.

Not to be dramatic, but ‘best meal ever’ really wasn’t far out of reach for this delightful combination. Much love to Redwood for doing what they do so well.

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  1. This looks incredible!

  2. Holy Yumminess!!!

  3. I think you would adore my local pizza shop. They do both vegan cheese and extra veg as an option, but on monday and tuesday they do about 8 vegan options including one with aboutevery possible vegan meat substitute! They are called Pizzaface and are in Kemp Town,Brighton.

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  5. You don’t even need to put them in foil (as I discovered recently after realising my foil had run out), you can stick them in something like a pyrex casserole dish with the lid on, and they cook fine. Sure, the bits next to the bottom get quite crunchy, but I rather like that!

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