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Fill me in

As you all know, there is a glorious vegan food destination located down in Brixton that has been keeping me well fed for over a year and a half. The Ms. Cupcake bakery is a world-class cupcake specialist that also supplies hungry people like me with chocolate, cookies, snacks and vegan ice cream.

If you haven’t managed to get down there yet, this piece of news I’m about to share with you will seal the deal. If you are already a regular, you might just want to prepare to do your happy dance for what is in store.

Read on…

Not satisfied with being the go-to place for sweet cakes in London, Ms. Cupcake is now taking the massive (and much needed) leap into the world of ready made vegan sandwiches.

I was in store today for a test run of the new savoury delights and trust me when I say you are in for a delicious treat next time you are down Brixton way. Let’s explore the sandwiches!

Gourmet to go vegan sandwiches

Gourmet to go vegan sandwiches

The range of sandwiches available in the bakery has been workshopped by the Ms. Cupcake crew over the last few weeks and I think they have hit on some truly glorious creations. You know when you pop into Boots or a coffee shop and don’t even bother to check out the sandwiches on offer because you know there will be nothing suitable? Well, now you can get all your favourite sandwiches and be certain they are vegan every time.

I was fortunate enough today to sample the range and I was impressed, smitten and bowled over. My favourite was the Ham & Pickle, featuring a secret Ms. Cupcake created Branston-style filling. Other notable varieties included Coronation Chicken Green Thai ChickenEgg SaladSalad & Vegusto Cheese and the BLT. Hang on, I think I mentioned almost all of the sandwiches available as the standouts. That is how tasty they are!

Check out some of the mouthwatering images of the vegan sandwiches I devoured today.

Coronation Chicken

Coronation Chicken

Ready to be eaten!

Ready to be eaten!

The crew with the first ever batch for sale

The crew with the first ever batch for sale

This Hoisin Duck sandwich was packed with flavour

The Hoisin Duck sandwich was packed with flavour

Perfect for a bite on the run

Perfect for a bite on the run


My sample plate - such a tough job!

My sample plate – such a tough job!

Ready for you to buy

Ready for you to buy

There is nothing else like this in London and Ms. Cupcake have once again shown us that being vegan doesn’t equal going without. The official FGV verdict? Get there quickly and eat a lot of sandwiches!

Sandwiches will be available everyday in the shop, located in the small fridge. They are all priced below £4. Tasty, cruelty-free and affordable!

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. OMG I just decided I am going there. Tomorrow 🙂

  2. They look great! Are the ‘meat’ fillings Redwood? I always love to see new things from Ms C!

    • Yes, they are Redwood. I think they are open to exploring other fillings too. They are very tasty!

  3. Great stuff look amazing!
    it’s not the only though … There’s a company (can’t remember the name) who supply to various health food shops in London (one in Euston and one in hamsted Heath. Used to be one in kings cross but closed now) and they do vegan BLTs and chicken and sausage (all redwood fillings) sandwiches etc for £2.
    It’s a shame holland and Barrett don’t start doing better sandwiches such as these or your ones.
    Keep up the good work!

  4. They look great. Ill tell all my Brixton friends.

  5. Yum! Must get along to Brixton. Jeanette

  6. Wish Ms Cupcake would open a branch up here in Buxton, Derbyshire. Those vegan sandwiches look & sound delicious. Would LOVE to sample some of those cupcakes too. 😀

  7. Why oh why is she so far away from my work?!

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  9. They need to be distributed across london! Brixton is too far!

  10. […] had told me about Ms. Cupcake before, but it wasn’t until I saw Fat Gay Vegan’s post about the new range of sandwiches that I realised the inexplicable draw to Brixton that I felt in […]

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