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Tickets and tickets and tickets

By now you are well aware of the giant fundraiser party called Bowl For Oceans taking place on Sunday January 6, 2013 from midday until 5pm. I don’t need to tell you that we will be raising money for Sea Shepherd UK while bowling, listening to awesome DJs, performing karaoke and playing pool in a Central London location. You know all of this!

And you also know the party is being sponsored by Fry’s UK and Barrow Boys Crisps. Your knowledge also extends to being aware of the Facebook event page where you have RSVPd and invited all your friends. I won’t waste your time by telling you this again.


The only bit of info relating to the party that I’m not convinced you know is where to buy tickets. So here we go:

Tickets are available online here

Tickets can be bought at Ms. Cupcake in Brixton and Vx in Kings Cross

Tickets can be purchased from me (Fat Gay Vegan) at London Vegan Drinks

I think we have covered all you need to know. If I have missed anything out, fill me in. Otherwise, I will see you at Bowl For Oceans. I will be the one NOT singing karaoke!

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