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Here kitty, kitty!

Yorkshire has given my life a lot of cool things.

This part of the world is often the punchline of jokes thrown around by smug southerners, but I for one have a special affinity with the northern region. My favourite book when I was a young child (with a fey manner) was the resplendent and camp A Woman of Substance, written by Yorkshire’s very own Barbara Taylor Bradford. I would read it alone in my room in a sort of secret lockdown, hidden for fear of being interrupted. I wanted nothing to come between me and the sheer outrageousness of the pages.

Flash forward several decades and I am not a multi-millionaire business tycoon as promised by Barbara, but Yorkshire is still a part of the world that keeps giving me delight.

However, this time around it isn’t the written word its inhabitants have gifted me. It is delicious vegan beer.

The Brass Castle Brewery operates out of the Northern town of Pocklington. This nano brewery works extremely hard to craft some of the finest beer this side of anywhere. Every drop is animal-free and therefore suitable for vegans. The brewery state on their website the importance of not using isinglass finings in the clearing process. They prefer to let time and low temperatures do the job instead.

Delicious & vegan Bad Kitty

I recently got my chubby paws on a bottle of their Bad Kitty beer and I truly cannot praise it highly enough. Not only was I floored by the smooth body (is that the correct term?) of this drink, but the vanilla richness had Josh and I scrapping over the last drop. With all the beer I have consumed throughout my life, the Bad Kitty Vanilla Porter was close to being the most instantly likeable. It is not surprising to me that this tipple won a blind tasting competition after just three weeks of being in production.

Brass Castle Brewery, you are now in my Yorkshire hall of fame alongside the great Barbara Taylor Bradford. How does that feel?

Oh Yorkshire, so much to answer for

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  1. Yo-ho-ho, me heartie! As it be ‘International Talk Like A Pirate Day’, make sure ye keep drinkin’ the ol’ grog.. Yarr! Long Jeanette Silver

  2. Wow, ‘A Woman of Substance’. I remember being watching the ITV mini series in the 1980s! Fab stuff, thanks for reminding me! That vegan beer sounds delicious.

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