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MEX-LHR eating

There is nothing more tragic and upsetting than a vacation coming to an end.

You know that sinking feeling, right? Having to pack and keep busy on your last day of holidays, with a mammoth flight hanging over your head. There isn’t enough time to go sightseeing and it is heartbreaking as you pile everything into a suitcase that has been doing nothing but gather dust for a month or so.

These feelings of depression are still sitting with me even after a fortnight back in London. I miss the weather, culture, people and friends of Mexico CIty… and the gay bars serving cold beer.

The only upside of having to get on that plane for 10 hours and be spirited away from my favourite city was the airline remembering my vegan meal and the meal being rather acceptable.

I was served well and not-so-well during my British Airways flight. Food proceedings got off to a good start with my main dinner meal. My tray was packed solidly with a collection of fully-vegan choices.

I enjoyed the small bowl of couscous topped with chargrilled vegetables. The couscous was a touch on the dry side but overall this dish was stratospheres above most vegan food served inflight.

A bigger surprise was the raw dessert. This tart was made from pureed apple topped with   seeds and was swimming in a super sweet strawberry reduction. I have never been served anything like this on a plane and I enjoyed it.

Side dish

Apple tart

The main part of the meal was tasty, but not overwhelming. A selection of cooked vegetables sat atop a bed of orzo pasta. Most of the vegetables were adequately cooked and I ate everything contained in the mini tray.

Main meal

Flying between Mexico City and London meant I was in the air long enough to be served a second meal. Not that the following serving was worthy of being called a meal, mind you.

My breakfast consisted of orange juice, a bowl of inedible fruit and a muffin that was not labeled (therefore I had no way of telling what was in it). I felt wasteful but I only consumed the juice. This meal was a far cry from the promise of the earlier serving.

A disappointing breakfast from BA

My heart might have been sore from my departure from Mexico, but at least BA supplied me with a few tasty morsels to keep my stomach from getting too upset. Now, if they could just work on that breakfast…

If you have vegan airline food stories and photos you would like to share, email me at fatgayvegan@hotmail.com and I will post share them here.


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  1. well, at least dinner was okay! that’s pretty exciting! i tend to pack myself snacks now. i haven’t been on an international flight since i went vegan, though.

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