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Join the club

Looking for a vegan alternative to corporate soda but still want a caffeine kick? Your search is over thanks to Club-Mate.

Club-Mate cola

I don’t drink a lot of soda or fizzy drinks. My diet certainly won’t win any health awards but I somehow manage to steer clear of carbonated beverages most of the time. Now and then I succumb to the bubbly delights of Whole Earth canned refreshments and when I was younger I had a bizarre addiction to Pepsi that had a lot to do with my Madonna obsession… remember those strange times?

I digress. A bit of caffeinated cola sometimes slips into my life. I am extremely hesitant to consume products made by multinational corporations, so I was intrigued when contacted by Club-Mate Drinks to try some of their cola.

Drink it ice cold

The German drinks company touts itself as creating refreshments that are particularly high in caffeine but low in sugar when compared to other soft drinks. They make a variety of flavours including the cola, IceT, Winter Edition and the original Club-Mate.

The drinks contain the Yerba Mate plant as a main ingredient and believe me when I say the cola gives you a real buzz. I drank my bottle ice cold on an unusually hot London day. It certainly cooled me down and had me racing around for hours.

If you enjoy caffeinated beverages that are refreshing and give you a real kick, you will adore Club-Mate Cola. I would love to hear from fans of this drinks company… especially if you’ve ventured into the realm of Club-Mate cocktail mixing!

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. Their mate ice tea is also great!

  2. Fantastic! Love it. Never tried anything so stimulating and really tasty. Great drink!

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