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Just like I pictured it

My trips to NYC come along more frequently than most people can enjoy and for that I am humble and grateful. Travel is a luxury and New York is one hell of a destination. I am extremely fortunate.

But I can’t help feeling sorry for myself when I think of how very far I live from Red Bamboo and how infrequently I experience their delights. Come with me as I step back in time to December 2011. That date marks my most recent trip to this vegetarian paradise. Preparing the photos for this post was enough to make my head spin. Take a peep, won’t you.

Red Bamboo of NYC

NYC has a lot to keep me coming back time and time again. Stunning architecture. Dive bars. Gay dive bars. Too many people. Too much choice. I adore this city that acts like an entire country squashed into a geographical corner.

Among these irresistible aspects of NYC is the fact I can go to almost any corner of the city and find, purchase and devour vegan food. Red Bamboo is just one of many restaurants that can give me the good stuff I’ve built a blog around. Their menu is meat free with a surplus of vegan choices.

You only have to view my most recent order to know why I keep getting drawn back in.

Vegan bourbon chicken

Vegan soul chicken burger with fries

Vegan mint choc chip & cookies and cream milkshakes

Inside Red Bamboo

As you can see, Red Bamboo serves up world class vegan food. Not everything on the menu is completely cruelty-free, so make sure you read carefully and double-check with your server to avoid the casein.

My upcoming trips planned for this year include Madrid and Mexico City, but a huge part of my heart is pining for New York. Red Bamboo… I will see you soon. That’s a promise.

Visit Red Bamboo online



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  1. I love this place. Next time you are in NYC feel free to call on me. :o) Would love to explore some of the places around here.

    a ChubbyGayVegan,


  2. Gah! This New Yorker has not yet gone to Red Bamboo! Must do so soon!

  3. One of my favourite places to eat in NYC. I try to stay somewhere within walking / delivery distance and I always eat there on the last day of my trip – and get extra creole chicken to eat on the plane journey home.

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