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Who the hell is Melanie Sykes?

You will probably have noticed that I like to start my stories with an anecdote or two. Just a little something to make you sure you made the correct choice by clicking on my link.

But I have a problem.

I sat down with an idea in my head on how to write about a fabulous health food store I discovered in the English countryside. My desire was to make witty references to several famous citizens from the town where the store is located. I searched high and low for a famous name I recognised, but I kept hitting a brick wall. Time after time and search after search, only one name came up as a notable person from the village. Dear readers, I give you the lovely northern town of Mossley and whoever the heck Melanie Sykes is…

Despite its lack of famous faces (or possibly because of), Mossley is a quaint, northern town typical of many others like it. Stone buildings tell of a textile history and many residents commute by train to larger cities with employment opportunities. I like this kind of town. Not to live in, but a short visit can offer up lots of atmosphere and sometimes a pleasant surprise.

The pleasant surprise Mossley had up its sleeve for me was the delightful and well-stocked Mossley Organic & Fine Foods store. I was bowled over by their vegan selection and struggled to keep my purchases to a minimum. The shelves were stacked high with FGV favourites such as Sheese, Tofutti, Provamel and Redwood. The store is not vegan, but cruelty-free shoppers will not be disappointed.

Mossley Organic & Fine Foods store

Plenty of vegan cheese

The vegan selection of cold, canned, fresh and bulk foods is certainly enough to stock my kitchen but I also like a little tipple now and again. Fortunately for me, Mossley Organic & Fine Foods sell an impressive range of wines and ciders. Spotting a cruelty-free vino is simple as information cards tell you everything you need to know about a bottle, including its veganicity (is that a word?)

Wine, wine & wine

If you find yourself in nearby Manchester City, take a short journey to a pretty part of the world and support an independent retailer that supports vegans… and ask them if they know who Melanie Sykes is.

Visit Mossley Organic & Fine Foods online


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