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Make mine a gin & tonic

It is well-documented across this site that I am more than partial to a spot of cake now and again. I am also known to enjoy drinking. For years I have dared to secretly dream of an unusual  combination of my two passions. Sure there are plenty of rum cakes being carved up around the world, but I had been longing for something fresh and creative.

Well, somebody must be on the same dream frequency as me as I recently enjoyed a delightful cake infused with a drinking spirit during my visit to the northern city of Manchester.

I was in town to attend a concert by pop/rock experts Ash when I decided to pay a visit to the upmarket restaurant know as Bistro 1847. This handsome vegetarian eatery is located in the centre of the city, just a short stroll from just about anywhere. I had sampled their wares once before, but that was a rushed visit and I was determined to delve a little deeper into their vegan options.

Josh and I decided to take advantage of the restaurant’s early evening taster menu special. The deal includes a mini starter selection, a main course and a drink for £15 per person. We both enjoyed our white bean and sundried tomato fritters with lime wedge, flatbreads accompanied by rocket/cashew nut pesto and the soup of the day. Everything on my platter was delectable.

Mini vegan starter selection

Main courses were next on the agenda. Josh made the choice of red rice salad featuring broccoli, peas, cucumber, avocado, herbs, seeds and tofu. He raved about it so much I was forced to steal some from his plate. It was stunning.

Red rice salad

My taste buds asked me to order the barley risotto. My plate arrived brimming with hot risotto flavoured superbly with roasted shallots, poppy seeds and pickled onion shells. It was hearty and adventurous.

Barley risotto

After consuming all of the above plus a glass of wine, a person could be forgiven for thinking that was the end of the meal. But you know me better than that, right?! We dove into the dessert menu and resurfaced with the following two treasures.

Josh loved his Earl Grey sponge cake with lemon icing and raspberry jam. He is a tea fanatic. I adored my gin and tonic cake accompanied by cucumber and black pepper granite. I am an alcohol fanatic. We were both satisfied.

Earl Grey sponge

Gin & tonic cake

Overall, it was a dining experience fit for a FGV. I usually approach vegetarian restaurants sceptically as they routinely lack imagination and flair for vegan dishes (ahem… Gate), but food producers 1847 are turning out thoughtful, tasty morsels for compassionate diners. They just need to remove all the animal-derived ingredients to become truly outstanding.

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. I apologise for being WAY behind the curve of your wonderful Fat Gay blog; having found you only last week I am currently catching up with the back catalogue and lightly lamenting the lonely ‘Thin Straight Vegan’ years I endured before I found you.
    That said I wanted to add a little update to this post – Bistro 1847 have opened another branch in Chorlton -an awesome rich-hippy area of South Manchester that brims full of excellent independent businesses, lovable hemp-wearing bean munchers and dashing aritstical rogues- which I like to think of as my home-from-London-home (I believe you may know it).
    I visited last Saturday and GREATLY enjoyed. The mega friendly and accomodating staff were a highlight, along with the good range of vegan options and Ginger Rum Cocktail.
    Go eat, Chorlton!
    (This comment is brought to you by the punctuation mark ‘hyphen’)

    • Yes, I am incredibly interested in trying the Chorlton location. I have been hearing about it for a while now. Thank you for FINALLY catching up with my blog. We have been waiting for you!

  2. Why thank you. I like to feel loved. If you are heading North any time I would be happy to provide a list of Chorlton-Awesomeness.

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