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London Vegan Potluck 6 review

We did it! We moved the London Vegan Potluck to a new Central London location and many wonderful vegans and friends came out to celebrate.

The night was a delightful fusion of food, fun and fabulous people. Located just off High Holborn, the event took place in a large room generously supplied by Syracuse University London Program. Much gratitude goes out to the program for affording us the opportunity.

Potluckers had extra reason to be excited as world-class dessert chef Fran Costigan was in attendance with copies of her book and a sampling of her delicious truffles. Much love and thanks go out to Fran for taking time out of her busy schedule to visit with us tonight.

Fran Costigan chatting at the potluck

Fran's chocolate creations

The food didn’t stop with Fran’s truffles. There was plenty on offer and everything I tried was delicious. Before we get to the photos though, I must mention one thing…

A potluck works when each attendee brings food. It is a tad selfish to show up with nothing and expect to eat as much as you want. Please don’t consider doing this in the future or I’m afraid I won’t be as polite as I was tonight. It is a fair concept that brings the community together. We work hard to make this run smoothly and it is pretty rotten to show up empty-handed. Please don’t be a user. Bring vegan food (home-made is preferred) and we can all continue to have a grand time.

On to the food!

Fresh fruit salad

Chocolate bites

Mediterranean tarts

Amazing homemade vegan cheese selection

Stuffed pasta shell bake

Vegan quiche

Potato salad

Delicious potato pie

Tasty cheesecake


In our new space!

Thank you to everyone who went to the effort to ensure we had another fabulous potluck. November seems so far away. Good thing we have London Vegan Drinks to keep us busy in the meantime!

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. Thank you for organising this! I got to meet some amazing people – Fran is genuinely so lovely! – sample great vegan dishes and feel proud when my potato cake disappeared 😉
    Can’t wait for next month’s x

  2. As usual, what a great night! And a lovely special surprise guest! Thanks FGV!

    Oh, here is the recipe for the stuffed shells if anyone would like it: http://theveganronin.wordpress.com/2011/10/06/stuffed-shells/

    PS: I am all about film night- we can get a portable hob and make oil-free fresh popcorn! Oh oh- with a popcorn topping bar!!!


  3. I had the best time! Honestly, the lovelies who walked me to the Tube (I can make cakes but am hopeless with directions), we just could not stop chatting. Thank you for organizing this!!

  4. awesome pics. guys

  5. This looks amazing! I want those Mediterranean tarts in my mouth asap. And the cookies. Oh and the cheesecake. Just give it all to me, please.

  6. Thank-you for another lovely evening.
    The new venue is a great venue for our monthly potluck.
    Please pass my thanks and appreciation on to the University

  7. Yes, a fabulous new location! Thanks for all the effort you put in to make it happen.

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