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Have you ever sat there in front of your laptop/computer/smart phone/tablet and drawn a complete blank when wondering what a FGV sounds like? Live in ignorance no more!

This weekend marks my first foray into being a radio show guest. The wonderful, charming and talented Jose Maldonado is graciously allowing me to keep him company during his weekly show dedicated to all things Smiths and Morrissey.

Jose is the lead singer of the world’s best Smiths/Morrissey tribute band known as Sweet and Tender Hooligans. The band are masters at conjuring up near-perfect replicas of well-loved songs and I’ve more than enjoyed the opportunities I’ve had to catch them performing live over the years.

Even though the show is taped in California, it is available worldwide as it is transmitted online through legendary station Indie 103.1. Just go to their website, click on the listen live link and you will hear my fat, gay voice filling the virtual airwaves.

Below you can find details of when the show is on air in your time zone:


Breakfast with The Smiths/The World of Morrissey

hosted by Jose Maldonado

Guest: Fat Gay Vegan

Date: 28 August 2011

Listen live on Indie 103.1 at the following times:

USA west coast: Sunday 28 August 2011, 9am – 11am

USA east coast: Sunday 28 August 2011, 12 noon – 2pm

United Kingdom: Sunday 28 August 2011, 5pm – 7pm

Australia east coast: Monday 29 August 2011, 2am – 4am

Distrito Federal, Mexico: Sunday 28 August 2011, 11am – 1pm

Apologies if your time zone does not appear in the above list. These are areas where I am fairly confident I have readers and friends and enemies. Please use the World Time Server meeting planner to work out your time.

Check out Sweet and Tender Hooligans online

Follow Jose Maldonado on Twitter

Like Sweet and Tender Hooligans on Facebook

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  1. congrats on your debut (is it?) radio presence could this be the start of something new?…..

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