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I went to the water’s edge

Summer is almost upon the UK. I think if I keep repeating this statement like a mantra, it will eventually come true. When it does, I am heading back to the Town Wharf for a vegan beverage.

The Town Wharf in Isleworth, Greater London

There are many places to consume alcohol around London. Online sources swing wildly in their estimates, with the average number being somewhere in the region of 7000.

I don’t think I will ever drink in more than a few per cent of these establishments and the chances of me spreading the FGV love around is even slimmer with the discovery of the Town Wharf pub in Isleworth.

This Samuel Smith pub is situated in a visually-stunning location in the west of London. Gorgeous views of the River Thames and passing wildlife make this a must-see for visitors and locals alike.

All Saints Church view from the deck

On my first visit to the Town Wharf, I was blown away by the views of the river in both directions. The pub sits on the banks of the Thames while the massive outdoor deck literally stands above the water. Look one way and you will see the impressive All Saints Church. This building enjoys a colourful history that includes near total destruction at the hands of two youngsters who set fire to it in 1943.

Isleworth Ait and the River Thames

Let your gaze wander in the other direction and you will be delighted by the sights of Isleworth Ait, an island teeming with birds and wildlife.

If I had to recommend a time of day to visit, I would certainly go with an hour or two before sunset. The trees on the island catch the late sun and the greens are brilliant within the golden glow. As the sun dips, the lights of the deck spark into action. Birds rustle in trees opposite while boat dwellers begin business for a night on the river. Magical.

Of course you don’t get away from this blog without mention of a vegan product. The Town Wharf sells only Samuel Smith drinks and I sipped a few pints of vegan cider and cradled a couple of bottles of vegan cherry beer during my session on the riverside deck.

Vegan cherry beer by Samuel Smith

As the weather warms and the sun lingers for longer each day, do yourself a favour and head to this pub for a real visual treat. Relax, put your feet up and sip and cool beverage or two as you take in the beauty of birds, boats and vegan beer.

Stunning view from the Town Wharf

Town Wharf

Address: Swan Street, Isleworth, Middlesex, TW7 6RJ

Nearest rail station: Isleworth

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