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“Donuts. Is there anything they can’t do?”

Slip your pleather shoes on, grab your Oyster card and get to Brixton as soon as you can. Vegan baking superstar Ms. Cupcake is now tempting your cruelty-free taste buds with donuts. Get them while they’re hot.

If you recall my last post about Ms. Cupcake, you will already know about the staggering range of vegan cupcakes they produce. The bakery is the first of its kind in London and is fast becoming a favourite destination for their many loyal customers. The cupcakes are certainly delicious enough to warrant a visit, but now Ms. Cupcake offers even more treats to entice in the form of donuts.

Fresh, hot & vegan donuts at Ms. Cupcake

During my latest trip to the store front, I was delighted with the presence of donuts. It was extremely fortunate for me that Ms. Cupcake herself was operating the donut cooking, ensuring I got mine hot and fresh.

My first plate of donuts is featured to the left and I can’t say enough complimentary things about them. The chocolate glazed donut was filled… it’s as if Ms. Cupcake has been reading my dream journal. Dreamy indeed.

Vegan glazed donuts & donut holes

My next plate was equally impressive and irresistible. Two glazed donuts sat smartly next to a couple of glazed donut holes. Perfection.

Ms. Cupcake has already mastered the art of cakes with frosting and I’d say she is firmly on her way to being considered  a maker of world-class vegan donuts as well. The trouble I have now is deciding what to buy when I visit. I couldn’t possibly have one of everything, could I?

Visit the Ms. Cupcake bakery as soon as you can. It is fabulous. Vegan donuts are just the icing on the cake.

408 Coldharbour Lane, Brixton

Nearest Tube station is Brixton

Hours: 11am – 6pm Wednesday to Sunday

If you need another reason to visit Ms. Cupcake, you can RSVP to attend the London Vegan Potluck being held on site at the Brixton bakery on May 4, 2011. Check the details here.

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  1. The Co-op supermarkets sell custard and jam doughnuts that are vegan as well.

    • Really? I’ve never seen them. Are they Co-op brand that say they are vegan? This has me very excited.

      • They don’t say vegan on them, but yes they are the co-op bakery brand. They list the allergens and it doesn’t say eggs or milk. Someone on the PPK emailed them and confirmed they’re vegan a while ago!

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