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Leave the chilli on the table and nobody gets hurts

Want to enjoy a delicious bean chilli but time is limited? Co-operative supermarket has got you sorted.

Co-operative chilli cook in sauce

I have always been strangely intrigued by chilli as a meal but have not encountered it often. Growing up in Australia, my closest encounter with this dish was the oft-repeated episode of the Simpsons in which Homer trips after eating a super-hot pepper. The whole concept of a cook-off filled me with wonder. As Homer strutted from stall to stall with his special chilli spoon, my fascination with the bean-filled, savoury goodness expanded. Sadly, chilli has only passed my lips a few times since I first saw that TV show but that could all change with the discovery of a chilli cook in sauce from Co-operative supermarkets.

Co-operative supermarkets have a fantastic track record of ethical policy, including a commitment to cruelty-free personal hygiene products. Neither the supermarket chain or its suppliers have tested toiletries or their ingredients since 1985. Co-operative have made a commitment to never testing their own food brands on non-human animals and their products are explicitly labeled if they are suitable for vegans.

Bean chilli and brown rice

It was this labeling that drew my FGV eye to a jar of medium spiced chilli sauce. This rich chilli features tomatoes, onion, kidney beans and red peppers. I’m not a massive fan of spice so this chilli was perfect for me. It has just the right amount of kick for spice novices. I added an extra tin of beans and some shredded greens before serving the chilli in  bowl nestled beside brown rice.

Vegan chilli (or chili for my US readers) can be a reality and you don’t even have to eat a hallucinogenic Guatemalan pepper or go on a psychedelic journey with your Coyote spirit guide.

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