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Win a year’s supply of vegan sweets

This competition is all about the win/win.

By simply taking part, you will be raising funds for an important social enterprise that is helping tackle homelessness in London. And if you win the comp? You get a one year’s supply of vegan pick n mix.

Oh, yes. You actually can’t lose! Well, you might not win the sweets but you get the meaning. You win by helping.

I suppose you want facts now. Well, I’ve got ’em.

Poster Bakes is an online vegan pick n mix shop founded to raise funds in support of The Connection, a social enterprise helping people move away from the streets of London and towards a happier and more fulfilling life.

The price of a single bag of sweets from Poster Bakes could cover the cost of someone receiving a shower, breakfast, and a cup of coffee in The Connection which in turn opens the doors to more in-depth support.

The vegan pick n mix initiative has been incredibly popular and I have a feeling it is about to go into overdrive.

You can enter this competition for a chance to win one year’s supply of vegan pick n mix from Poster Bakes! You just need to buy some sweets and find a golden ticket in your order.

It’s getting all Willy Wonka up in here!

The competition starts Monday 14th June, 2021 and will be running for a few weeks until Poster Bakes have sent out all their golden tickets tickets.

They will be randomly giving away 5 golden tickets in total, each of which will entitle the winner to a year’s supply of free sweets (a 500g bag every month for 12 months). Winners will be chosen at random from those who have entered the giveaway. This is what you need to do:

I’d love to know if you entered and I’d love to know if you win. Don’t forget who hooked you up with this info if you are suddenly swamped with vegan pick n mix.

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