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Vegan restaurant chain has explosive expansion

San Diego-based Plant Power Fast Food, a chain of 100% vegan fast food restaurants, is announcing seven new locations coming in 2021.

That is impressive growth!

The company’s new locations include their first Los Angeles area restaurant in Hollywood on Vine Street near the Paramount Studios, their first Northern California location in Sacramento, and a new restaurant in Laguna Hills complete with a drive-thru, patio dining and even a geodesic dome dining area.

Since its humble beginnings in the Ocean Beach section of San Diego in 2016, Plant Power Fast Food has built a rabid customer base and has seen impressive growth, even in 2020 when much of the restaurant industry has been adversely affected by COVID.

A sampling of the massive growth Plant Power Fast Food has experienced:

· 2020 brand-wide sales are forecast to hit $14 million
· 2020 sales are an increase of 46% increase over 2019
· 1172% growth since inception

Next time you are in the area(s), do yourself a favour and eat with Plant Power.

I dined with them a few times when I was in Southern California and I still cherish the memories.

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