Chocolates for Christmas

I am here today (very briefly) to show you some gorgeous vegan chocolates I have been enjoying these past few weeks.

Perhaps you can get a few in for someone you love. Perhaps that person you love is you!

The selection box from Moo Free is delightful.

This confection company makes some of the best chocolate on the planet and they have fab ethical underpinnings to everything they do. Many of their employees are Autistic or Aspergers Syndrome. This is a deliberate positive employment strategy.

Shop for their fab creations online and follow Moo Free on Instagram.

Just before lockdown 2.0 hit, I popped into Beanie’s Wholefoods in Sheffield to pick up some treats.

Beanies is a workers co-operative that has been running since 1986. These sorts of places are crucial for community wellbeing, so I like to support them as much as possible.

And it helps that I get vegan chocolate for my generosity. Ha!

The Montezuma’s Like No Udder vegan milk chocolate was simply superb and the Goupie boxes will bring a smile to your face. They have a range of special Christmas flavours, including White Christmas!

Follow Beanies Wholefoods on Instagram. Please support workers co-ops in your area.

Have you got your Xmas treats in yet?

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  1. I’ve seen car stickers with:
    [[ A dog is for life not just for Christmas ]]
    Surely that goes for chocolate too, right?
    Still, as I don’t do Christmas, my car sticker would be a very short read:
    [[ Chocolate for life ]]

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