5 online UK vegan shops you should support

I understand that I rattle on endlessly about the importance of supporting independent vegan businesses, but like anything worth saying it is worth saying until you can’t say it any longer.

With that unstoppable determination in mind, I want to share my list of the top 5 online UK vegan shops that you could be supporting right now.

It includes a mix of groceries, cheese, clothing, wine, footwear, and baked treats.

Shopping online with these businesses keeps money in the pockets of vegan and independently-owned operations, allowing them to offer work to other vegans.

These businesses support other independent traders. Your money spent with these people keeps money in local UK communities, more so than if you shop with huge chain stores.

Are you ready for my list?

The Vegan Kind Supermarket is grocery heaven for online plant-based consumers. Of course the shop grew from the runaway success of their monthly subscription boxes, but the online shop has become an unstoppable force all of its own.

Click here to shop with The Vegan Kind Supermarket. They offer 15% off your first order!

Follow The Vegan Kind Supermarket on Instagram.

The Third Estate is not just the physical vegan boutique in London. Angela and James also operate an online version of their ethical shop. These people care about every aspect of doing the right thing by animals, people, and the planet so expect fairtrade and zero sweatshop goods. Select from a range of gorgeous boots, dress shoes, sneakers, sandals, handbags, belts, backpacks, clothing, and seasonal trinkets and candles.

Click here to shop with The Third Estate. Be sure to check out the online sale section.

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Ms Cupcake is a world-famous, pioneering vegan bakery based south of the River Thames in Brixton, London but did you know they also deliver a selection of their treats all around the UK? Choose from tray bakes, cookie sandwiches, muffins, brownies, branded merchandise, and even the Ms Cupcake recipe book!

Click here to shop with Ms Cupcake. Look for seasonal items available for a limited time.

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La Fauxmagerie is a 100% vegan gourmet cheese deli in East London. If you are a cheese lover, this place is your dream come true. If you don’t have a lot of spare time for vegan cheese shopping in that part of the city or you live at the other end of the country, why not shop for their gourmet cheeses online?

Click here to shop with La Fauxmagerie. Spend over £100 for free shipping. It’s easier to do than you think with such a huge range! Perfect for special occasions.

Follow La Fauxmagerie on Instagram.

Vegan Wine Box is THE online place to shop for home delivery wine that is all guaranteed to be vegan. Their selection of mixed cases is perfect for adventurous drinkers. The company has a strong focus on sustainable wines and you won’t get cheap, nasty vino in any of your deliveries. You can order a one-off box or subscribe for monthly deliveries.

Click here to shop with Vegan Wine Box. Look out for the Prosecco and rosé boxes!

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Have I missed your favourite online UK vegan retailer? Tell me in the comments.

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  1. Alternative Stores is a great shop, based in Newcastle and does online. Food/ shoes etc. Fab!

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