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If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen me post quite a number of times about No Whey Foods.

This US company makes some of my all-time favourite candy and chocolate products.

It is difficult to get my hands on these products when I am in the UK, so it is good news to my ears to find out that No Whey has started selling online via Amazon.

The three products available right now are shown below, with more to come over weeks and months.

And in even better news, the candies above are available as lots of three. Yes, you order three packets at a time!

Click here to visit the No Whey product page on Amazon.

Extra note: some of these products are also starting to show up in independent vegan grocery stores and online shops around the UK. Please make it a priority to support these businesses before shopping with Amazon if you can.

Extra extra note: I have just realised that No Whey are in the ‘can’t recommend’ section of the Food Empowerment Project chocolate list. This list documents responses from companies related to their ethical and fair trade chocolate practices. You can see the full list online here.

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