Vegan business attacked online by trolls

The owners of UK vegan BnB Loaf have recently experienced targeted online trolling and hate comments.

Loaf is a bed and breakfast located in Northumberland that lists its selling points as the glorious countryside, nearby coast, lovely rooms, log fires, and of course the fab vegan food.

The comments directed at the owners and vegans in general are hateful and vile.

You can see them below in a series of screengrabs shared here with permission from Loaf co-owner Karen.

As you can see, the comments are not only anti-vegan but also anti-Muslim and homophobic.

All of this because a vegan company shared a photo of vegan food on their own Facebook page.

I asked co-owner Karen if she could share how she felt about the abuse.

This is what she told me:

Sadly this is not uncommon. In the past I have deleted or hidden these sort of comments, almost feeling the shame the writer should have. I think it’s time we all stop dismissing online abuse as ‘just trolling’ and recognise it for what it is. Hate speech. The lowest, most cowardly form of bullying, hidden behind a social media profile. I think it’s time we all start calling people out on this. It shames us all and social media platforms should have a zero tolerance to this sort of behaviour. I also have to question why an ethical choice to do the least harm causes so much anger to some people.

I would like to express my sincere solidarity with Karen and Loaf and offer my support. I implore you to show your support for Loaf by booking with them and following them on social media.

You can visit the Loaf website here to view their rooms and book a stay. You can support independent vegan business AND holiday in beautiful Berwick-upon-Tweed close to the Scottish border.

Please follow Loaf on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. This looks like a fantastic place to stay, can’t believe (but horribly I can believe) that people can be so masty.

  2. Thankyou so much for your support! 🙂

  3. This place looks amazing with a fantastic menu!
    The ignorant comments by uneducated morons are unnecessary & pathetic but the worst comments were from Gifford Danny & he needs to be called out on them. Not only were they disgusting, they were racist too. He clearly has so much hate in his heart. More to be pitied than scorned…

  4. So sad that people can be so horrible. Your b & b and your food look amazing!! If I’m ever in Northumberland I will certainly be booking a room. I hope really none of this rubbish has any impact on your business x

  5. I’m personally not vegan but have to say the breakfast looks absolutely delicious!

    Why can’t everyone just accept individual choice without getting so het up about it? Drives me mad!

  6. Looks amazing !!! Would love this next im in the UK

  7. Wow that people are so nasty and narrow minded. Each to their own, your food looks amazing and their comments only reflect their inability to see past their own noses. Sad

  8. Been to Loaf a few times and it is AMAZING not just the breakfasts but the puddings too. Highly recommended

  9. I have never met Karen, but she is one of the kindest people I know answering a call out for recommendations in Berwick when we passed through there recently, and her food looks totally amazing! Hoping to come to Loaf soon. Those mentioning guns should be reported to the police though, people have been jailed for less on hate crime such as this. How empty are their lives to waste time making such comments, it can’t make them feel any better because they keep going on and on and on….

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