Vegan cooking classes for children

My friends Nishma and Mahersh (of Shambhu’s catering) are once again running a week of vegan cooking classes for children in Queensbury, London!

This is a hands-on cooking course intended to teach children (8-13 years of age) how to cook a variety of delicious healthy meals using only plant-based ingredients (no meat, fish, eggs and dairy).

By participating on this course, children will pick up a variety of cooking skills and food-related knowledge, including nutrition. They’ll also learn about the wide variety of nutritious pulses and grains available, alternatives ways of sweetening foods, how to cook with tofu, how to store food and reduce food waste, and much more.

As part of the hands-on nature of the course, children will learn to use basic cooking utensils and appliances, under close supervision.

Over the five days, the children get a taste of different culinary styles from around the world, with each day dedicated to the style of a particular country or continental region.

The classes will run between 10:00am and 12:30 from Monday August 6, 2018 until Friday August 10, 2018. That’s a two and a half hour cooking class for five days in a row!

The cost for each attendee is £135.

To find out more and book a spot, visit this page online.

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