New chicken flavour vegan cheese

I thought I had seen it all but then I saw chicken flavour vegan cheese.

I was shopping and eating in VeganHQ located in South Ealing when this unusual product caught my attention.

Check it out.

At first when I picked it up, I thought Violife had released a chicken-style deli slice.

When I opened it to taste, I was extremely confused because the slices have the taste of vegan chicken slices but a texture somewhere between vegan meat and cheese.

They were tasty but I couldn’t work out what they were. Vegan meat or vegan cheese.

Josh sorted out the mystery of meat/cheese by making pan fried toasted sandwiches. The Violife Chicken Flavour Slices are most definitely a vegan cheese product. They melted perfectly.

I was pleasantly surprised by these slices and would recommend if you are looking for a melty cheese-style slice with a unique flavour.

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. Thanks for sharing – I’m not usually a fan of “fake” meat products – but… I can never resist a demon toastie!

  2. Absolutely disgusting! Why do we have pretend vegans, who can’t bear to tear themselves away from meat? Whatever next?!!!

  3. weird!!

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