Breaking News: donut diner to open in London

London. You are on a roll and your city is getting more vegan-friendly by the day.

Take this fabulous news as the latest example of your vegan excellence.

Superstars of the vegan donut scene, Dough Society, are set to open London’s first-ever vegan donut café in early 2018.

Dough Society has become famous in the capital for the decadent glazed donuts they serve up at events around the city, including Hackney Downs Vegan Market most Saturdays. They are so adored it has become a rare occurrence when the donut stall doesn’t completely sell out of stock within a few hours of trading.

The days of disappointed donut fans who turn up to markets late in the day  are soon to be over as the business readies the grand opening of London’s first donut and coffee shop in Hackney Central.

I spoke with Lauren of Dough Society to get a little insight into what is coming up:

When can we expect to see the shop open?

We plan on opening in January. We’ll announce the exact date nearer to the time but we have some fit out work to do in the space to get it up to scratch and are hoping for around the middle of January 2018.

Why are you setting up in Hackney?

East London is the only place we have ever traded on a regular basis so it feels like the natural place to settle. It’s easily accessible for a lot of Londoners and in being close to the station it’s super easy for tourists too!

Will the shop only sell donuts?

We’re primarily a coffee & donut shop. We’ll have around 20 different donut flavours so the spotlight will definitely be on that and quality coffee. We will be offering gooey cheez toasties as a savoury option as well. We have big plans for brunch on weekends shortly after we open (think Donut French Toast 😱!).

What will the inside of the shop look like?

The shop has a kind of semi-industrial look to it with a concrete ceiling and flooring, minimalist lighting but we’ll have lots of plants and wood to keep things light and airy and we’ll have seating for up to forty people. We want to create a space people can go that’s relaxed, chilled, and inclusive where you can meet with friends or enjoy a couple of coffees while you work. We’ll also have a large outdoor area for seating that we hope to use when the weather starts getting warmer!

Congratulations on your first 100% vegan donut shop, London.

While you wait for the doors to be flung open, you can follow Dough Society on Instagram.

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  1. I bought a box of donuts on your suggestion at the Hackney market and they were fabulous. I can honestly say they were the best donut I have ever had, and believe me, I know donuts! The next time I’m in London I will be visiting this shop.

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