Best vegan restaurant in London

It has taken a long time but we finally have a world class vegan eatery in London thanks to Wulf & Lamb.

Of course we already had delicious food and ground-breaking food businesses for vegans, but we have never really had the complete package of outstanding food, gorgeous decor and full vegan alcohol menus.

Now we do.

My experience of walking into Wulf & Lamb near Sloane Square last night was as close to spirutual as a non-believer like me is going to get.

I was blown away by the stunning interior and more than amused when the server told me that even the furniture was vegan. Josh and I took time to order at the bar before heading upstairs to the gorgeously decorated dining space.

Every dish delivered to my table was outstanding or exceptional. The mac n cheese, seitan burger and raw cheesecakes were all standouts that I could easily consume every day. The chilli with rice? I’m getting gay married to it.

Take a look at some of the cuisine that was consumed at our table.

Whether you are looking for grab-and-go deli style food, cakes and juices or a finer dining experience with a full bar, Wulf & Lamb is the stuff of vegan dreams.

Click here to see the exact location thanks to Google Maps.

Visit the Wulf & Lamb website to see the menu, including breakfast specialties.

Follow Wulf & Lamb on Instagram.

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