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I often get emails from readers who are looking for advice on where to turn for vegan wedding supplies and services, so it’s great to know I can now point them to this new website launched by Becky Jones.

Becky has set up Vegan Weddings, an online space on which she has started curating UK businesses that are in the business of plant-based weddings.

The website isn’t swamped with listings at the moment, but I like how Becky has made it searchable by region. As she starts to add to the site, users will be able to see what is nearby.

If you or someone you know runs a business linked to weddings, you can have it listed on the site for just £12 for 12 months. That’s a great price and just one booking would more than recoup your advertising investment.

I don’t currently see anything stating that all businesses must be inclusive of same-sex weddings (or any representation of same-sex weddings in the images), but hopefully that is something Vegan Weddings will be asking of their advertisers moving forward.

You can visit the Vegan Weddings website here.

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