Vegan mac n cheese

In their quest to seemingly become the mainstream supermarket with the most vegan-friendly products in the UK, Sainsbury’s has started selling this ready-made meal.

Check it out.

Yes. Ready-made macaroni and cheese done vegan!

I’ll definitely be giving this a try when I get back to the UK. If you have tasted it, what did you think?

Extra note: these photos were taken by my buddy, Roger. Please take a moment to discover Roger’s website from which he takes orders for awesome pins and badges.

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. Do you know which Sainsbury’s store have them stocked? I couldn’t find them in my store and also not inline

    • I don’t know, sorry. You should phone their customer service line. They will be able to help.

  2. I also couldn’t find it on their online shop. Then I contacted their customer service, who told me that not all the products are stocked online, and they couldn’t advise which stores near me stocked the product. Not helpful!!

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