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I’ve written about my buddy Badger before and his fab range of dairy and egg free products, but I wanted to jump back on here with an update.

Badger’s Dairy & Egg Free deli range includes Egg Mayonnaise alternative, Potato Salad and Coleslaw. They are just as you remember the dairy/egg version but without the non-human animal suffering.

Badger (yes, that’s his name!) has poured everything he has into this business so it is great to hear that he has just secured a distribution deal with Coffee & Cheese.

If you are a shop owner or you know a shop owner who would like to stock Badger’s, get in touch with Coffee & Cheese.

If you can’t wait to see these tasty products in shops all over the country, you can order your own supply through Coffee & Cheese  as long as your bill comes to £49. The distributor also sells bulk Violife cheese, the new Veggyness vegan meat range by Wheaty as well as all sorts of coffee products, so a bulk order from them once a month or so is exactly what you need as a devoted vegan foodie.

Now, check out Badger’s Dairy & Egg Free products below.

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Extra note: if you order a massive order of vegan cheese, Badger’s, meat alternatives and/or coffee today via Coffee & Cheese you can get your delivery to your house or office with their special overnight delivery. Anyone can order, you don’t need to be a trade customer.

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