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My first ever Vegan Christmas Market is coming up close at a rapid speed and I’m beyond thrilled with the fabulous vendor line up I have gathered together.

If you missed the initial announcement of food traders, you can get updated by clicking here.

But this blog post belongs to only one piece of news.

In a London exclusive, award winning vegan meat company Sgaia will be trading at the Vegan Christmas Market in London on Saturday December 17, 2016.

Sgaia is nothing short of a phenomenon. This company burst onto the UK vegan scene only a short while ago and has quickly developed into one of the finest brands on the planet.

But what will they be selling at the Xmas event?

You will be able to get your hands on their brand new festive fillet. This gorgeous looking slice of vegan meat is perfect for rolling and filling with your favourite filling as a roast dinner centrepiece.

Check it out!



In addition to this AMAZING festive fillet, Sgaia will also be selling ready to consume sandwiches stuffed solid with all sorts of tempting seasonal fillings.

sandwich_smlI predict a stampede for this food. Sgaia will also be selling other packs of their incredible slices and burgers, so bring a few shopping bags.

Get over to the Facebook event for Vegan Christmas Market, invite your friends, dress warm and get there early on the day so you don’t miss out.

You also need to follow Sgaia on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Order your own home delivery of their food via their website if you can’t join us on the day.


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  1. It’s going to be grand!

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